FFC2018, Side Challenge

Side Challenge #2

I think it’s time for another SIDE CHALLENGE! This is more of a practice exercise, for those of us who want to focus on more descriptive writing. The story’s already there, all you have to do is write it….

There are several types of writers. One can do it all; come up with structured, original plots, write beautiful prose and have excellent grammar skills. Also, there are those who can write beautifully and have enough imagination for the get-up-and-go, but not enough to follow it through. Then, there are those that are highly imaginative but just can’t master prose in any way, shape or form.

I will admit, one of the major faults I have is the ability to come up with my own ideas. I am insanely good at describing a scene that is already played out, but I’ve discovered recently that even as creative as I am, I have no effin’ imagination. Which is supremely disturbing to me. Like, on every level. So I’ve gotten really good at taking bits and pieces, or flashes of ideas that I’ve had in the past and combining them to make something shiny and new. But sometimes, I’m at an impasse. I just can’t break through that wall that’s blocking me. So sometimes, as I’m watching TV or a movie, a scene moves me so much that it inspires me to write its story. I hit pause and I write down everything I see and hear (and can picture smelling). It allows me to concentrate much less on the story I’m writing so that I can focus on how I’m writing it. And more often than not, it turns into something evolved and different, and purely mine. There’s nothing shameful about starting with someone else’s idea and making it your own. (I’m not talking about stealing word for word). Let’s face it, everything comes from somewhere, right?

Badge_sidechallengeSide Challenge No. 1 

I want you to write a scene from a movie or TV Show… one that you can physically watch play out. This will allow you to focus solely on the prose without having to fill in the plot lines. As you are watching it, focus on all the minor details. The sights, the sounds, the little things you don’t think about when it’s all in your head.


There is no deadline, no rush to get it in on time. But if you do come up with something, don’t forget to link it in the comments or create a pingback so that we can see what you’ve come up with.

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