FFC2018, Side Challenge

Side Challenge #1

I think it’s time for a SIDE CHALLENGE! If the straight-up writing prompts aren’t doing it for you, maybe this will help get your creative juices flowing. I told you I was going to make things interesting this year, and I plan on doing just that…. Sooooo, in between the regularly scheduled weekly prompts, I’m going to be throwing some not so regularly scheduled challenges your way.

If you’re anything like me, you have a certain writing style that you like to read. I don’t mean the genre, or the characters, I’m talking about the prose and how it’s formatted. For me, its definitely prose that shows instead of tells, but in a very simplistic way. No redundant adjectives or flashy words, and I very much prefer third person. My mother, on the other hand, doesn’t mind telling as long as its punctuation and grammar are correct, and she likes first person. And, if you’re also like me, well, most writers, really, you have a particular author (or authors) whose style you wish you could mimic. The first person that comes to my mind is Stephen King.  Not just because he’s literally the most widely known author practically in the world, because honestly I have a love/hate relationship with his stories. But you cannot argue with his prose – his ability to put you in his world is amazing. And I’m sure there are other authors out there that for whatever reasons you are drawn to their writing styles. So here is my challenge, though its more of an exercise.

Badge_sidechallengeSide Challenge No. 1 

I want you to take a novel by one of your favorite authors. Start at the beginning and turn their story into yours. Rewrite each sentence, one at a time, in as similar a fashion to theirs as you can, but changing all the major components. So that it reflects their writing style, but becomes a story of your own.


There is no deadline, no rush to get it in on time. But if you do come up with something, don’t forget to link it in the comments or create a pingback so that we can see what you’ve come up with.

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