Prompts & Submissions

2018 Flash Fiction Challenge… It’s on, like Donkey Kong!

For 52 straight weeks (that’s an entire year for those of you who dunno it) I will be posting a weekly prompt; we’ll call her the “Mama” prompt. Then, your job is to spawn a whole bunch of babies from the Mama prompt. Just like a litter of kittens. Except if your story is deformed, I won’t eat you.

Most prompts will be straightforward, but in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not exactly conventional. I say and do weird things and I like to spice things up once in awhile. So, you may be asked to do some off-the-wall stuff – all in the name of Fiction, of course.

This will be a compilation of both Prompts and final submissions. All in one place.

Weekly Prompts & Submissions

One: “The clock strikes midnight . . .”   Submissions.

Two: “Wrong Place, Wrong Time. . .”   Submissions

Three: “MC is on vacation with a group of friends in a strange place. The next morning one of them has disappeared. . .”   Submissions.

Four: “Pick a #, then pick another . . .”   Submissions.

Five: “You’re with a friend one night. When you look at him/her their eyes reflect like an animal’s. . .”   Submissions.

Six: “A bunch of old souls have escaped Purgatory and taken over the bodies of several people. Tell one (or all) of their stories. . .”   Submissions.

Seven: “I saw it on the internet. . .”   Submissions.

Eight: “Your MC is set up for Valentine’s Day, but when their date shows up they can’t believe who the other person is. . .”   Submissions

Nine: “Your MC takes a selfie when they thought they were alone. But when the picture develops there is someone (or something) standing behind them. . .”   Submissions

Ten: “A vehicle barely avoids hitting a pedestrian because someone else pushes them/removes them from harm’s way. Your character is either the driver, the pedestrian or the savior. . .”   Submissions

Eleven: “No prompt this week…”   Submissions

Twelve: “Luck of the Irish, eh? In honor of St. Patty’s Day, write your story involving one of the following symbols of good luck:  a four-leaf clover, a face-up penny, the lucky #7, a horseshoe, a rabbit’s foot, rainbow, the North Star, a wishbone, a falling star, a wishing well…” Submissions

Thirteen: “Don’t drink the kool-aid! … (Who knows what’s in it) . . .” Submissions

Fourteen: “The jokes on you . . .” Submissions

Fifteen: “Your MC keeps waking up at the same time every night . . . ” Submissions

Sixteen: “Your MC receives an unusual inheritance . . .” Submissions